Homemade, Guilt-Free Tiramisu Mug Cake

I used to have a raging sweet tooth, that mostly changed when I went on the Whole 30, and then transitioned to Paleo. But every once in a while, I still crave some of my old favorites, like Tiramisu. Now this past weekend we had a babysitter, ate out quite a bit, and did eat off-Paleo a few times, having a few grains, here and there, but sugar and dairy are still my Kryptonite. I try to avoid it at all costs. So, while I have mastered mug cakes, I knew I had to master the Tiramisu mug cake, and make it as guilt-free as possible AND fast to prepare. This was my first attempt, and it was a slam dunk Paleo dessert success (which is almost an oxymoron because I honestly don’t really like to call any dessert Paleo, but I know it’s an area that can’t be ignored. I’m slaying my sugar dragon as best as I can). Amen, because now I can teach my husband and kids how to do this so they can make themselves “minute cakes” when they have a craving and I no longer have to go to the trouble of making larger desserts.

This is a mug cake. Mug cakes are mini, individual sized cakes that take very little time to prepare. I have made them in my oven, but mostly, I make them to go in the microwave. They are fast and easy to prep and cook time in the micro is less than 2 minutes. There are lots of versions of mug cakes out there, but once you figure out a base that you love, you can transform it to whatever dessert you want, which is what I did here to convert a cake into Tiramisu. I also refer to these as “minute cakes” and “babycakes.”


(I used these creme brule dishes from Sur la Table. They are small and versatile for many projects. I used 2 dishes per person that I was serving). Other than that, you just need a couple mixing bowls, and either a very good whisk or a stand mixer.

CAKE INGREDIENTS (Makes 2 generous portioned cakes or 4 small, depending on your mug/vessel):

1 tsp Organic Coconut Nectar

2 tbsp unsalted butter (I use Kerrygold or ghee)

4 tbsp almond flour

2 tbsp coconut flour (or cashew flour/ GF flour. I just don’t like all almond because its too heavy for my taste)

4 tbsp vanilla protein powder

1/2 tsp baking powder

3 tbsp coconut milk (or almond milk, heavy cream, etc)

1 large egg


4 tbsp espresso or coffee, fresh brewed

1 tsp coconut nectar


5 ozs refrigerated coconut cream

4 tbsp heavy cream


2 tbsp Raw Cacao Powder (or unsweetened cocoa powder)

Chocolate sauce for drizzle and design (I used a dark cacao/chocolate sauce)


1) CAKE: Mix softened butter and coconut nectar together, then combine all remaining cake ingredients. Divide into ramekins or mugs. This amount of batter should be used in four different dishes. They do not need to be filled to the top. The cake will rise when cooking and your cakes are going to be double-layered, so don’t worry if it does not seem like a lot. Put in microwave and cook for 1.5 minutes each. Allow to cool, then gently remove from dishes.

2) ESPRESSO SOAK: Combine espresso/coffee and coconut nectar in a bowl wide enough to soak your cake, but also deep enough to soak the whole cake. Take each cake and dip into espresso mixture until soaked. Put on two different plates while you prepare the creme filling.

3) CREME FILLING: In either a bowl with a whisk, or a stand mixer, whip quickly the coconut cream and heavy cream until it make s firmer consistency creme type filling.

4) ASSEMBLY: Put one bottom layer on a dessert plate, put in a layer of creme filling, add another layer of cake, dust with cacao powder using a sifter, drizzle with chocolate. Repeat for second cake. To get the design I got on the top of my cake, make circles on top of the cake, then taking a toothpick or knife, drag from the center to the outside, creating a spiderweb design.


Best Ever Paleo Lava Mug Cake!

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 1.21.43 PM

Paleo Dark Chocolate Mug Cake!

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 1.23.10 PM


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