Planet Box: 7 Days of the Shuttle

We have been a Planet Box family for almost two years now. We first began with getting my two youngest the Rovers, then shortly thereafter, a Launch for my husband. Then I was jealous, so I followed up with a Rover for myself. And a few months ago, I won another Rover, which my college-age daughter uses for her shifts at her job. Then earlier this year, Planet Box came out with the Shuttle, and I really wanted to try one.

Before investing in 5, I decided to try one, and see how versatile it is, before taking the leap! So, here is how I tried to use the Planet Box Shuttle over 7 days to see how many different uses it had, and to see if we liked its capacity. I was pleasantly surprised at how many different ways we each used it, each person in the family tried it at least once, and we all agreed, we’d like to get at least a few more of these to add to our Planet Box collection.

Day One: My husband normally takes a Planet Box for his shifts at the fire station. Most days, I try to pack two boxes for him, one for each day. Now that I have a Shuttle, I sent this along for him to try for a mid-day snack. On this day, I packed him my homemade Espresso Nutella, gluten-free pretzels, gluten-free crepes, pear slices, and an organic GoGoSqueez!
Day Two: My 7 year old wanted to be next to try the Shuttle. He had leftover pizza from the night we made homemade pizza. He also had my homemade ranch dressing, apple slices, and an organic fruit twist squeeze pouch!
Homemade Ranch!
Day Three: Breakfast On-the-Go for me, who was headed to Starbucks to blog for the morning. I decided to take breakfast with me. I made a warm breakfast of sweet potato hash.
Day Three: Here’s me packing my breakfast to go. Sweet potato hash in the large compartment (love how deep the compartments are in the Shuttle!), and a mixture of yellow and orange cherry tomatoes and a fig dressing in the Tall Dipper for dipping tomatoes and pouring over my hash! In this pic you can see the adorable Shuttle Lady Bug carry bag I used this day.
Here is more of what I love about the Shuttle. I was able to fit my silverware in the side of the compartment, the cold kit, as well as a thin chocolate bar, in the carry bag. No pouches needed, just the perfect size!
Again, I LOVE the size of this. I was able to fit the Shuttle into my lunch bag, along with cans of mineral water, another ice pack, and a coffee cup!
Day Three: Blogging and coffee with my Shuttle, blogging the day away. I had several people stop to ask me about my Planet Box!
In addition to the Lady Bug carry bag and magnets, we also had the Aliens set, so between the boys and girls in the family, we could all use the box!
Day Four: On-The-Go Shuttle! On Thanksgiving we decided to spend the early part of the day at the zoo, and to take along our Planet Boxes to have an early picnic in the zoo when we were done.
Day Four On-The-Go Shuttle! Mom is using the Shuttle again this day. Simple and easy, light snack to tide me over until Thanksgiving dinner later that day. I had a bit of dark cacao chips and coconut in the Tall Dipper, a hard-boiled egg, 1/2 banana, organic GoGoSqueez, and Mary’s Gone Crackers gluten free seed crackers.
My little boys, ages 7 and 11, LOVE this set of magnets!
Day Four: Off we go to the zoo!
Day Four: Picnic at the zoo before heading home to make Thanksgiving dinner!
Day Four: I love the size of the Shuttle, because it fit nicely in my backpack for a day at the zoo!
Day Five: Coffee Shop Shuttle! My daughter took this to Starbucks with her while she was writing a paper for school. She used it as a mid-day snack box. She packed herself 1/2 banana, 2 squares of dark chocolate, roasted almonds in the bigger compartment, and sliced pears in the smaller compartment.
Day Six: Pizza Shuttle! My 11 year old had waited patiently for his turn with the Planet Box, so he took it to school for lunch. He had leftover cauliflower cheese bread (we call it pizza), an organic GoGoSqueez in the bigger compartment, and diced pears in the smaller compartment with dark chocolate covered Gogi berries in the Tall Dipper.
Day Seven: Snack for the fire station shift. My husband was working a partial day, so I only sent a snack that day. This was PERFECT! Love the size! We were able to pack a lot in, and, it’s compact in size makes it great for packing in his gear for the day. This day we did “sandwich” roll-ups. Simply just double layers of roasted chicken breast, some spicy mustard, shredded cheese, and carrot and broccoli shreds. And just roll them up, and cut into bite-size pieces. (My kids call this ‘kid sushi’).
Day Seven: Lunch meat roll-ups and organic GoGoSqueez in the big compartment, dried cherries, and dark cacao chips in the small compartment and sweet and sour pickles in the Tall Dipper. Perfect afternoon sack for the hubby!

As you can see, the Shuttle is quite versatile. It fits the bill for everyone in our household and we are big fans of this size. There is a very good chance that these might be under the Christmas tree for everyone in our house from Santa this year! And since we’ll be on-the-go for a bit, over the winter break, it would be the perfect time to have more Shuttles for our day trips, picnics, etc. If you are looking for a way to add versatility to your lunch box collection, whether or not you already have a Planet Box, this is a great size to try!

More about my Lunch Box Mama journey.  And how much we love Planet Box.

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