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3 Words to Make Your Day: Paleo. Magic. Shell.

Originally posted on The Goodie-Goodie Foodie:

Yep! I did it. And my 11 year old’s response: “YOU DID IT! YOU REALLY DID IT!”

Ok, Jason Mraz is my favorite, and this is the only time I have ever referenced him in a blog after 215+ posts, so it’s about time. Moving on.

PALEO MAGIC SHELL- Fast and Easy Paleo

Dark Chocolate Paleo Magic Shell
¼ cup dark chocolate, chopped and melted
1½-2 tbsp coconut oil, melted
1 teaspoon raw honey

Variation: I use a high cacao content dark chocolate baking bar, unsweetened. Dairy-free. You can also use a 100% dark cacao bar. My advice is to always use the BEST chocolate or cacao you can find, with the highest percentage you can find.

Melt chocolate, oil, and honey on low in a pan (I use cast iron). Whisk all of the ingredients in the pan until blended and melted. Pour immediately over your ice…

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Paleo Minestrone Soup

Originally posted on The Goodie-Goodie Foodie:

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 11.19.04 PM Paleo Minestrone with the option to add gluten-free pasta, if wanted. I cooked the pasta separately so whomever wanted it could have it. And there are NO beans in this recipe. Tomato sauce was homemade. And full of delicious local veggies!

I’m a soup girl. I’m such a soup girl that even when it is 112 degrees here in the summer, I eat soup. It seems like an inappropriate thing to do, but it just makes me feel good. I’m a bonafide soup girl, and in my first two newspaper interviews, my soups were featured. I must be on to something!

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 10.51.59 PM The Visalia Times Delta shared my Loaded Butternut Squash soup for their Thanksgiving food feature.

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 1.29.03 AM The Fresno Bee did an article about my blog and featured a few of my recipes, including my Albondigas soup!


2 cups tomato sauce (I make mine, but you can use store-bought)


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Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry smoothie with farm fresh strawberries, grassfed gelatin, mct oil and @mctlean vanilla vegan protein blend with cashew milk.

This is a powered packed punch with the gelatin, mct oil and protein blend! If you wanted to, you could add a touch of honey or coconut nectar, but I think the strawberries are enough sweetness.

Strawberry Smoothie

1 c frozen strawberries
2 tbsp Grassfed gelatin
2 tbsp mct oil (MCTLean)
1 scoop MCTLea Vanilla Vegan Protein Blend
1.5 c Silk Cashew Milk



Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Smoothie

Well, this was good. Chocolate? Check. Banana? Check? Nut butter? Check. Delicious? Check, check. Good freaking morning!

Good morning indeed! Justin’s Nut Butter chocolate hazelnut banana smoothies!

Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Smoothie

1 pkg Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter
2 bananas
1.5 c raw milk
1 c ice
1 scoop @mctlean Natural Cocoa Vegan Protein Blend

Blend and try not to fall in love with me! Over 20g of protein, folks! Yumm-o.


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Paleo/Whole30 Albondigas Soup

Originally posted on The Goodie-Goodie Foodie:

You need this. You just do. Go make it, no questions asked, okay? This is “get in my belly delicious!”

Whole 30 & Paleo Albondigas Soup
(Grainfree glutenfree dairyfree unsweetened)

1.25lbs grassfed ground beef
3/4C pecans
3lbs cherry tomatoes
10 sweet peppers
2 jalapeños
8 bell peppers, varied colors
2 farm fresh eggs
1C rough chopped cilantro
1TBSP minced garlic
2TBSP Anne’s Veggie Broth Base
14C water
4 diced green onions
1C sliced carrots
8 sliced fingerling potatoes, varied color
1 small yam or sweet potato, diced
Salt, pepper, crushed red chile to taste.

Multiple Steps:

1. Homemade Tomato Sauce:
Take 15-20 cherry tomatoes, place in a small baking dish, drizzle with EVOO or coconut oil, roast for 35 minutes on 400F. Food process or blend when done and add to broth in Step 3.

2. Veggie mix:
Add remaining tomatoes, peppers to food processor and blend into small dices…

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